10th September 2018

Town house reform in Villalonga

We bought our town house for reform in 2007. We originally engaged another professional to prepare plans and get permissions and price for the work, but […]
14th July 2018

Costs of building your property in Spain

You perhaps have in mind exactly what you would like your ideal property in Spain to look like, where it should be situated and the dimensions […]
14th July 2018

Guide to Building Construction in Spain

Type of Planning Zones All properties fall into one of two categories of planning zone: 1. Rustic (rural) plots (suelo rustico) The rural land law governs […]
2nd May 2017

The Home You Dream About – Why Not Now?

When it comes to building, remodeling or expanding a home, the goal should not be just to pack more rooms and pile up amenities as if […]
6th April 2017

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