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CDF Arquitectura office is an architecture studio in Costa Blanca that gives you the opportunity to create your dreamed home with the very best professionals in Calpe, Costa Blanca, Alicante.

CDF Arquitectura

CDF Arquitectura is a registered architect studio based in Calpe. We have been involved in construction since 1990, with a large portfolio of materialized buildings. We take care of the entire process, verifyng every detail on site.


Our work

We have been working since 2006 with projects on a TURNKEY BASIS. CDF provides a complete experience in project management. Our group is responsible and scopes with the construction and costs of the entire project and presents it to the client completely finished and ready to use. We achieve this goal by dealing with full design, from foundations to furniture if needed, including interior design and landscape, optimising the complete property.

The Process

This mechanism limits the time and effort of our busy clients, as they can take care of their activities knowing that their project is being handled in the most professional way possible. This can be done when an architect is in charge of the construction task. A complete continuity throughout the process, including quality controls and everyday direct communication with the client despite the distance. We integrate the disciplines and customize solutions, to ensure the construction phase runs smoothly, on time and within budget.


Our inspiration

Every project we handle is carefully studied to be unique and related to the context, warm and influenced by our client’s desires, combined with our inspiration and special care for the details. Working from first sketches to last details, handling construction solutions and budgets.

Side by side with the client

We enjoy working side by side with the clients even if they are working and living in other countries. The dreamed second home in Spain can become true, as our goal is to give a stress free experience through all the process.

Our challenge

Our challenge is to give our clients what they want, even if sometimes they don’ t really quite know what they really want. As architects we use the ability to interpret your requirements, and give the advice needed, incorporating creative solutions, new materials and technics to give the house comfortable and pleasing environments


what our clients say about us

trust and

Respond effectively to the needs of our clients from the initial design to the construction process and final details.

Smart investment

Achieve a return on investment' and at the same time' obtain a better quality of life

30 Years

Designing and building since 1990. Our trajectory and experience at your service

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