CDF Arquitectura is an English- Spanish speaking registered architect studio based in Calpe, Alicante. We will guide you through all Spanish building regulations and warrants during the whole process of your project. Architect Carlos Daniel Franco has been involved in architecture since 1990, working in the Marina Alta both on the coast and inland. He has a large experienced building portfolio, being the constructor of many of his projects. We offer you a managed service from the conception to the completion of the project, this expertly job at all stages will give you confidence in the day to day process. So if you are looking for a new house or building site, starting a new business or thinking about altering your own house, we are your professional independent partner who will offer a quality product both in design and construction. Design is about people and personalities, therefore we like working closely with the client to develop the design approach, and making sure we accomplish their needs.


The process of working with an architect is a fluid experience, from big picture thinker to detailed project manager. We have the ability to think and envision spaces. To see what’s possible as well as express it. We are here to facilitate, provide design guidance, and give clients a great space to live in. Taking on a new construction project is a big investment. It may be the largest one you will ever make. We have the skill and expertise to provide the best for your project. Efficient floor plans, cost effective material selections, low maintenance costs, equal access among users are just a few of the ways we can help you. A good design means increasing the market and resale value of your property. If you are hesitant on hiring our services you are invited to meet us and go over some of our works, meet our previous clients, check how satisfied they are and realize it is worth going ahead with our services


14th July 2018

Costs of building your property in Spain

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14th July 2018

Guide to Building Construction in Spain

Type of Planning Zones All properties fall into one of two categories of planning zone: 1. Rustic (rural) plots (suelo rustico) The rural land law governs […]
2nd May 2017

The Home You Dream About – Why Not Now?

When it comes to building, remodeling or expanding a home, the goal should not be just to pack more rooms and pile up amenities as if […]



Carlos Daniel Franco

Envolved in design and construction. Working to give our clients a complete, efficient and global service.

Ana Laura Córdoba

A personal touch in a team work that turns our customer´s properties into home dreamed atmosphere. We are proud of our every day work .


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